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UG (limited liability) – small business start-up company


(limited liability)

Purchase price
starting from 2,400.00 EUR

Cash balance on hand
500.00 EUR

Incorporation costs and ongoing
administrative expenses incurred until
purchase are borne entirely by SCUR24

Shelf companies – UG (small business start-up company)

Purchase price

2,400 Euro (prepayment is required)

2,500 Euro (normal price)

Cash balance on hand

500 Euro

Other information

Document Pack

  • Deed of incorporation and articles of association
  • Shareholder resolution on appointment
    of managing director
  • List of shareholders
  • Application form for registration at
    thecommercial register
  • Notification of registration
  • Opening balance sheet
  • Data sheet
  • Commercial register excerpt

Corporate Details

Legal entityUG (limited liability)
Share capital: 500 Euro
Shares:500 shares in the nominal amount of 1 Euro each
Type of company formation: cash subscription
Contribution of share capital:full cash payment at the time of formation
Incorporation costs: borne entirely by SCUR24
Ongoing administration expenses: borne by SCUR24 until point of sale
Bank account: no
Tax registration: to proceed following sale
Trade office registration: to proceed following sale
Language of documentation:Bilingual: German/English

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