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UG (limited liability), GmbH,
UG & Co. KG, GmbH & Co. KG

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Our shelf companies: small business start-up companies (limited liability UGs), GmbHs (limited liability companies), UG & Co. KGs and GmbH & Co. KGs (limited partnerships)

Shelf companies can be used across wide-ranging fields. A shelf company can be purchased from us very quickly and will provide you with a fully operative entity with immediate limitation of liability for your business operations. The incorporation and registration of a company is generally time-consuming and it is difficult to predict an incorporation timeline. Therefore, the use of a shelf company is the only alternative to ensure business operations commence as planned. Our portfolio of shelf companies consists of small business start-up companies (limited liability UGs), limited liability companies (GmbHs) and limited partnerships (UG & Co. KGs and GmbH & Co. KGs). All our shelf companies come pre-registered at the commercial register and are so-called “exposed shelf companies”, i.e. they are incorporated with the intention of being transferred. The share capital and contributions are fully paid-up. Our shelf companies have not commenced any business operations and are therefore free of liabilities – this is what we guarantee each of our clients.

Tailor-made Solutions

We are happy to support you in the implementation of all of your requirements once you acquire a shelf company: be it by way of power of attorney issued by the shelf company for the purchase of assets, or through the establishment of a bank account with any bank which you would like to work with. Upon request we can arrange specific and/or more complex company structures for you, e.g. a limited partnership holding the shares of its general partner or holding structures consisting of several companies. We are strongly committed to being your “support team” – you are welcome to use our portfolio of shelf companies as building elements for your desired corporate structure and you will benefit at the same time from our experience and know-how for a quick and reliable implementation. Moreover, you will have access to our additional services, e.g. fiduciary purchase of shareholdings or interim company management and administration.

Cost Transparency & Reasonable Pricing

The pricing of SCUR24 is clear and transparent. Once you purchase a shelf company, all share capital and contributions are fully paid-up and will not be reduced through or eaten up by incorporation costs (e.g. notarial fees and legal charges) or other service fees (e.g. bank charges) – this is our guarantee each of our clients. Accordingly, a SCUR24 shelf company provides for full cost transparency and you will be in a position to budget for the full amount of the share capital and contributions for the business operation of the company.

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